Vintage Tins

Vintage style metal signs add nostalgic fun to a home, bar, office or garage. My reproduction signs are built on old time advertisements and brand names like Harley-Davidson, Ford, Chevy, Coca-Cola, Texaco and hundreds more. My signs are made from durable metal. Many have sublimated artwork, in which heat and pressure are applied to create a vibrant image. Others are lithographed with photorealistic color, while some signs have a distressed, vintage look.

Signs are an inexpensive way to decorate your home or business. Hang a couple of coffee signs over your diner counter, or give each booth in your pizza parlor its own pizza sign. If you have any questions about my signs or want more information, just give me a call.

Contact me with questions (360) 972-0970

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Old Judge

Old Judge Tin Sign $16.75



GTO Tin Sign $16.75


Dogs Playing Poker

Dogs Playing Poker Tin Sign $16.75



Mustang Tin Sign $16.75



Mobilgas Tin Sign $16.75



Sunbeam 12.5" x 16" Tin Sign $16.75


Route 66

Route 66 Tin Sign $16.25



Titanic Tin Sign $16.75


Auto Tin Sign

Auto Tin Sign $16.75


Boss 429 Auto

Boss 429 Auto Tin Sign $16.75


Chevy Truck

Chevy Truck Tiin Sign $16.75


Ford Trucks

Ford Trucks Tin Sign $16.75


Ford Farmall Tractor

Ford Farmall Tractor 12.5" x 16" Tin Sign $16.50


Red Indian Motorcycle

Red Indian Motorcycle Tin Sign $16.75


Ride Free

Ride Free Tin Sign 12.5" x 16" $16.75


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